Monday, August 24, 2015


What just blew up?  I wondered after I picked myself off of the ground.  It must have been something big!  I raced back to my car to grab my phone and connect with the internet.  I picked up the phone and there was nothing - no signal, nothing on the radar.

I was out in the middle of nowhere, I was surprised that I was affected by whatever blew up.  I listened - no noises save the birds chirping could be detected.  I decided to climb up the side of the mountain to get a better look at the areas around me.

It took about an hour to reach the peak.  I looked and for miles could detect nothing out of the ordinary.  I guess I would have to wait til I returned home from my adventure to find out what just blew up!  Maybe I would just stay here.

1 comment:

  1. At the beginning, it did seem like the lazy way to go about it... Just being honest.
    But actually you did it pretty good, I think it worked out well.

    I know how it feels having only 150 words to work with. It just leaves you and your readers wanting more. :)