Monday, August 31, 2015


It is Monday morning, I do not groan about Mondays, I like them.  They are a good day for me, my once a week where I go and get my head put back on straight from all of the things that go on in a week, and some weeks a lot goes on and some weeks not so much.

When I went to bed last night after a nice evening at the Theater with my Dad, followed by a delicious meal which Tom and I prepared together for Dad before watching Ray Donovan and heading over to the Gallery to look at the show  before bringing Dad home.

He liked the show, I am not dissatisfied with it.  I am looking forward to putting the final touches on it when the last two pieces come in on Wednesday.  Not sure where I am going to put them exactly, but that is the fun of finishing the puzzle.

My favorite wall has got to be Morris Bennett's works.  The grouping of his abstracts are amazing, as are his abstracts themselves.  I think it was my Dad's favorite wall as well,

I think my second favorite works in the show are Rob Martin's, although I love all of the works in the show, it is hard to not like the feeling from his oil seascapes.

I had a lot of fun laying out the show and hanging it with the help of Orleans Dave who spent the 6 hours helping me from A-Z.  It was fun to have another person to bounce ideas and layouts with, even though I love doing it myself.

Thomas had fallen asleep on the couch after our Sunday show, so when I returned I found him in the same position.  I did some computer stuff and he woke up while I was at it.  We spent some quality time computing before watching another show so I could go to sleep.  

I went to bed in a fair state of mind, although when I was driving back from my Dad's there was a thing on the radio, a poem to music which was about August and the history of things which happened in August, good and bad, and the weirdness of August, I listened, thinking about the words and truth I was hearing and really related to it.  

I have been feeling a strangeness in the air, which I have placed on the Moon, but perhaps it is just August?  Even as I was listening, I realized I had been feeling something in the air and a shift in myself over the past week, two???  Uncertain when it began, but aware of it's presence.

Waking up this morning, well rested.  I had slept through two texts, glad to have done so since they came at 5 a.m. and I hate mornings.  I was expecting something nice but no, only reality, One good thing is straightforward communication, just not the communication I was expecting!  

I came downstairs to make my tea and the fuse went out so I had to go down in the dark cellar - why is it always the fuse that controls the lights?  For once it would be nice if I could see my way to the fuse box but the microwave is on the wrong circuit for that!

I noticed that someone had been in my cellar.  One thing I hate is people in  my house when I am not here.  I know I ran out of hot water and there was no oil and the furnace may have needed to be primed, but I am sure my house was a mess, having been used all night by two gamers in their mad Diablo release party. Dishes and dirty counter tops and unswept floors... Ah well, the price you have to pay for hot water!

I have a crazy week this week in town and out of town.  I am glad the Art Show is up and just basically needs to be labeled.  I still have a bunch of Art to get back to artists known and unknown which will take some contacting since I haven't heard from a couple of them at all, and some I have no idea who they are from the college club!  It was easier to pick up the entire show from the college, but not so easy getting individuals to pick their work up!

I have two of my Women meeting me today and I will inventory the rest of the leftover art so I can add that to my to do list.  The October Show is not my concern this month but the deadline for the promotional information is Friday - I have no info so I forwarded the email to the Director so he can forward it on to whomever is privy to that info or no advertising will be done. 

Apparently, it is not my problem. Gallery Manager or not.  I guess that is the difference between being an actual gallery manager and just a Volunteer.  The details coming my way have been non existent save for what I have heard from one of the Artists in the next show, which was vague to say the least, 

This is the week I head over to Springfield and see what the surgeon has to say about my current state of being.  By Thursday I think I will be eager to leave this silly city and I hope it will revive my spirits being on the open road and far away.

Depending on how the week goes, I may just have to pop over to Northampton after my appointment just to ground myself and maybe even hit the bookstore instead of the clothing stores - although if I see another great sale on clothes you just never know!  How is a girl to resist cool hippie clothes on a $5.00 sales rack - answer me that if you can?!!?

I have two groups of friends coming in from out of town this week as well.  My bestie from Florida and her husband, whom I have never met are on my calendar as well as one of my favorite people from down South.  The timing can't be better for this crew to come into town!

Of course it means a tighter schedule for me, since I cannot resist getting together with my friends from afar, I predict little sleep on top of everything else going on! Without a doubt this week will be like every other one before it, full of the unexpected.  I eagerly and excitedly am up for the challenge!  I am nothing if not spontaneous and free to be me!

My grand daughter begins third grade tomorrow as well!  My how the time does fly!  I remember when she was a wee lass in her baby seat and her biggest worry was her next bottle.  Now she is growing into quite the young lady!  Before I know it she will be in high school and we will be eating pineapples off the plants we have been growing!

Growth is what it is all about, and I am in a learning and growing phase.  Each day there is something new to learn and adapt to.  Adapt I do, that much is true!  I am off to adapt to myself with a second cup of tea -  have a great day!

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