Monday, August 3, 2015


Today has been one long and busy day.  Some ups and downs but overall very positive and successful.  I began down when I woke at 6 a.m. not even bothering to go back to sleep - sometimes you just know when it would be a losing battle and this morning was one of them.

I decided to begin my day despite being sore and tired.  After cleaning late Saturday and all day Sunday all I wanted to do was lie down.  I hadn't even gotten out of my pajamas and taken a shower when the phone rang.

It was 5:00 and the next task at hand was dinner or was it?  Nope, it was the Director of the Whit on the phone asking me if I would help him out at Sunday Night Jazz.  I had already declined an invitation to attend with my friend Alan, but I had little choice under the circumstances.

I haven't attended Jazz and I was glad I did.  The music was excellent - more down my alley than the Opera Notte or Cabaret by a long shot.  Not that I don't enjoy Opera and Show Tunes, I do, I just love Jazz and Blues.

The group had a guitar, a violin, a double bass and a Sax.  I had heard three out of the four musicians before and knew two of them personally.  They were so entertaining.  The crowd was nice as well.  I am most at him working a room of people, although it has been a long time since I have done so.

I got home in time to watch Ray Donovan with Tom and Dad.  Tom had cooked the pork chops, now a regular feature in our house since I am feeding three people.  I had instructed Dad on steaming Red Potatoes and had told the two of them to co-ordinate.  I swear it is like living with two small children who might be just entering their teens instead of 23 and 68!

Dad went to bed after the show and Tom and I tried to watch the Twin Peaks movie that Patrick had told us about. I must have fallen asleep three times, waking up randomly wondering what the hell I was seeing.  I definitely need to watch it again.

Finally Tom shut off the movie and went downstairs to do his computer stuff or whatever he does while the rest of the world is fast asleep.  I was out like a light until that ungodly early hour.  Did I mention I am not a morning person?  I hate mornings and although Dad had an appointment at 9 a.m. it was too early!

There must have been something in the air, since at 633 Dad woke up and thought it was 8:33 and he was late - I heard him get dressed quickly in the other room and mutter about being late.  Walking into the computer room he asked what time it was - relieved it was only 6:33.  Thankfully he went back to sleep so I could wake up slowly and without having to interact with another human being.

So I got Dad to his appointment and went to lay out the Art Show so I would be ready when Prashad arrived at 10:00.  I planned on setting it up, picking up Dad when he called and getting the job done and being able to relax since I felt like roadkill.

Every well laid plan has it's kinks.  As did this one.  First I didn't realize until I took a break that it was 10:20 and I needed to walk away. Most of the show was set, some tweaking needed to be done, but I needed to walk away in order to get a fresh take on the flow of the layout.

I went out front to have a smoke.  I lit up and enjoyed the breeze which felt so good on my face, blowing my hair back, not noticing the heat until the breeze died down.  I went for my phone to see if Dad had texted like I told him.

That is when I noticed what time it was.  When I am involved in Art time stands still.  No text but it was an hour and 20 minutes since I dropped him off for a 45 minute therapy session, I dialed his phone - Dad where are you?  I asked.

I am outside the Hospital, says he, waiting for you, didn't you get my text?  Here we go again, I thought, "What number did you text?  5356? "  "Oh, no - not again", says he.  I put my butt out in the butt vase and went inside to put away Leigh Palmer's Paintings and lock up the Gallery and drove over to the hospital.

On the way I called Ghazi to let him know Prashad hadn't shown up.  So I text Prashad, dropped my Dad off and went back to the Gallery to find Prashad there putting away tables from the night before.

We made plans, since his wife was going out of town, to get together at 2:00.  During that time the Artist whose work was in the Hallway called and we made plans to get together at 2:00 as well.  So I went home to kill a couple of hours before having to meet everyone at 2:00.

I went back a little bit before 2:00 in case Julio was early in picking up his Art and to take it down so he didn't have to wait around.  I turned on the Gallery lights and looked around, okay with what I saw, needing to make some adjustments in raising and lowering some pieces and hanging a few more larger pieces when Prashad arrived.

As I was taking down Julio's work, someone came in to rent the space so I was giving him info when Julio walked in with Sara.  I hadn't seen them since the Art Talk months before.  It was nice to see them.  We brought the work out to the car, while Ghazi, who had arrived talked to the man about the space.

Prashad must have arrived with Ghazi since he was driving away promising to be back soon.  So it was time to unwrap the College Art Show which was the next bit of work for the day.  Time Management is a skill, and it works out fine unless you are relying on people who don't realize the importance of someones time.

So finally Prashad arrived and then I had to run out, payback is a bitch, but I was supposed to be done with the show.  I had to see a man about a horse, and was gone for about 15 minutes and ready to finally begin the final hanging of the show.

Prashad only had until 4 - so we finished the big room and I went into the little room to look at what I had in front of me.  By now I was completely burnt out and tired and as it neared 5:00 I was ready to go home.  This had consumed my entire day!

As I was driving home, Ghazi did call me, as I was talking to someone else who called and told me I forgot a pizza.  Since I didn't know, I didn't know.  I turned around and went back around and realized I had forgotten the library as well, but it was closed.  I got drive up delivery at the Whit, which was very considerate of Ghazi to think of me like that.

I arrived home, tired and my feet were killing me.  I kicked off my sneakers and peeled off my socks and plopped on the couch - lit a smoke and asked my son to make me a tea. Ate a piece of pizza with my Dad and  I checked the phone and returned some calls - three unknown numbers and one of them turned out to be a call from an unexpected friend.

I had to throw a chicken in the oven, so I seasoned it and placed it in the oven.  Dad wanted to go get his mail the second I walked in the door which I told him he was crazy and I needed to have a tea and sit down for a minute.

Tea drunk, cigarettes rolled thanks to Tom for helping in each of those tasks, we all piled into the car.  To say I could barely move is an understatement.  My whole left side was frozen and my neck was seized up tighter than a vice.

I drove over to my Dads, told my son to go with him and waited in the car while they got a bike pump and the mail.  Then we headed to the Gas Station got some air in the tires, a weekly ritual since three out of four of them have slow leaks or something.

We stopped at Walmart and got Dad's teeth stuff and the bread and milk he wanted.  I grabbed some sugar, remembering we were out and a couple of cans of green beans and went to the check out.  I was walking slower than my Dad and still had to go to drop of a bill and hit the post office.  I was glad that I had put the dinner in before we left.

Instead of smelling Chicken when I walked in, I found that I had forgotten to turn the oven on.  A wonderful thing indeed at 7:00 at night.  I turned on the oven and tossed in a few potatoes since there was now time.

I am still waiting to smell chicken, the oven is on and I am sure it will be time to eat soon.  The trouble is, I might be asleep before it is ready, which would not be good since I have not had time to eat since Saturday!

I am off to clear off the table and set it so that I won't have to do it all in a rush -

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